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Welcome! I am a Professor of Strategy and Public Management, and MPP Program Director at Insper (a leading nonprofit business school in Brazil). I am also an Associate Professor (on leave) at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), Brazil.

Sandro Cabral’s CV_June 2021 – CV Portuguese


  • Research fellow of the Brazilian Council of Scientific Research (CNPq)
  • Executive board member, Public and Nonprofit Division (PNP) of the Academy of Management (AoM)
  • Program Director, Master in Public Policy (Insper)
  • Deputy Director Insper Metricis

I investigate the impact of organizational choices and strategic actions of public, private and nonprofits on performance. I am also interested in the boundaries of public and private organizations and in the challenges associated to improved value creation, value appropriation, and accountability in the public-private realm. My research is placed somewhere between Strategic Management and Public Administration fields.

Main Publications (see the full list in the CV – link above)  

Doing Well by Doing Good, Uniquely: The Market Value of Unique CSR Strategies (with Leandro Nardi, Todd Zenger, and Sérgio Lazzarini) – forthcoming, Strategy Science

Street-level bureaucrats under COVID-19: Police officers’ responses in constrained settings (with Rafael Alcadipani, Alan Fernandes and Gabriela Lotta) – Administrative Theory & Praxis, 42(3), 394-403, 2020 – Download

The Private Scope in Public-Private Collaborations: An Institutional and Capability-based Perspective (with Bertrand Quélin, Ilze Kivleniece, and Sergio Lazzarini) – Organization Science, 30(4), 831-846, 2019 – Download.

Value Creation and Value Appropriation in Public and Nonprofit Organizations (with Joe Mahoney, Anita McGahan, and Matt Potoski) – Strategic Management Journal, 40(4), 465-475, 2019  –Download

Managing Critical Services through Hybrid Arrangements (with Claude Ménard)  – RAUSP Management Journal, 54(3), 337-356, 2019 – Download

Accountability mechanisms in public services: Activating new dynamics in a prison system (with Maria-Fátima Santos) – International Public Management Journal (IPMJ), 21(5), 795-821, 2018 – Download

Civic Festivals and Collaborative Governance (with Dale Krane) – International Review of Administrative Sciences (IRAS), v.84, 185-205, 2018 – Download

Reconciling conflicting policy objectives in public contracting: The enabling role of capabilities – Journal of Management Studies, 54(6), 823-853, 2017- Download

The Guarding the Guardians Problem: An Analysis of the Organizational Performance of an Internal Affairs Division (with Sergio Lazzarini) – Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 25(3), 797-829, 2015- Download

Public procurement strategy: the impacts of a preference programme for small and micro businesses (with Paulo Reis) – Public Money & Management, 35(2), 103-110, 2015 – Download

Outsourcing Failure and Vertical Reintegration: The Influence of Contractual Factors and External Pressures (with Bertrand Quélin and Walmir Maia) – Long Range Planning, 47(6), 365-378, 2014 – download

Private Entrepreneurs in Public Services:  A Longitudinal Examination of Outsourcing and Statization of Prisons (with Sergio Lazzarini and Paulo F. Azevedo) – Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 7(1), 6-25, 2013 – download

An Approach for Evaluating the Risk Management Role of Governments in Public-Private Partnerships for Mega-Event Stadiums (with Antonio Francisco Silva Junior), European Sports Management Quarterly, 13(4), 472-490, 2013 download 

Organizing Prisons through Public-Private Partnerships: A Cross-Country Investigation (with Stéphane Saussier) – Brazilian Administration Review, 10(1), 100-120, 2013 – download

Private Operation with Public Supervision: Evidence of Hybrid Modes of Governance in Prisons (with Sergio Lazzarini and Paulo Furquim de Azevedo). Public Choice, 145(1-2), 281-293, 2010 – download

Papers under review and working papers

Why are counterfactual assessment methods not widespread in Outcome-Based Contracts?  A formal model approach (with Sergio Lazzarini, Sergio Firpo, and Thomaz Teodorovicz), R&R

Structural Advocacy Organizations and Intersectional Outcomes: Effects of Women´s Police Stations on Female Homicides (with Paulo Arvate, Anita McGahan, and Paulo Reis), R&R

Can public organizations perform like private firms? The role of heterogeneous resources and structured practices (with Thomaz Teodorovicz, Sérgio Lazzarini, and Leandro Nardi), R&R

Enabling public-private collaboration and enhanced performance in complex projects:  Evidence from Defense Procurement (with Juliana Bonomi), R&R

The dual effects of capabilities on public contracting performance (with Paulo Reis and Paulo Arvate), submitted

Investing in human capital as a relational strategy: Evidence from arrangements with uneducated workers (with Thomaz Teodorovicz, Anita McGahan, and Sergio Lazzarini), submitted

Practice transfer and social value creation: Existing dilemmas in cross-sector collaborations (with Fernando Deodato, Sergio Lazzarini, Bertrand Quélin, and Ricardo Paes-de-Barros)

Recipes for neglected diseases: A configurational analysis of R&D performance in public labs (with Eric Mota, Peter Klein, Sérgio Lazzarini, and Anita McGahan)

Keeping the dream alive: The role of expectancy in police pay-for-performance programs (with Sergio Firpo, Marcelo Marchesini, Joana Monteiro, and Leonardo Viotti)

The Resource-Based Paradox of Impact Oriented Strategies: A Study in the context of Microcredit (with Sérgio Lazzarini, and Leandro Nardi)

Opening the Blackbox of Value Appropriation in Buyer-Seller Relationships: The Role of Individual Appropriation Abilities and Constrained Settings (with Fernando Deodato, Andre Duarte, and Sergio Lazzarini)


Prof. Sandro Cabral
Insper – Institute of Education and Research

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