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Welcome! I am a tenured Associate Professor (Professor Adjunto 4) of Operations and Strategy at the School of Management at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), Brazil.

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I am also:

  • Leader of the research group “Strategy and Performance in Public Services” at the School of Management, Federal U. Bahia
  • Research Fellow of the Brazilian Council of Scientific Research (CNPq)
  • Member of the Academy of Management (AoM) – BPS and PNP Divisions

I investigate the dynamics of public and private relationships with a special attention to the organization of public services.  More precisely, what really moves me is to understand the impact of organizational choices and strategic actions on performance. I am also interested in the boundaries of public and private organizations. My research is placed somewhere between Strategic Management and Public Administration fields and in order to obtain the responses to the (several) questions that I pose to myself I mainly use the organizational economics theoretical framework. In my papers I focus several areas, including: Prisons, Police, Mega-Events, Football, among others.

Main Publications

Accountability mechanisms in public services: Activating new dynamics in a prison system (with Maria-Fátima Santos) – International Public Management Journal (IPMJ), accepted for publication

Civic Festivals and Collaborative Governance (with Dale Krane) – International Review of Administrative Sciences (IRAS), forthcoming

The Guarding the Guardians Problem: An Analysis of the Organizational Performance of an Internal Affairs Division (with Sergio Lazzarini) – Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 25(3), 797-829, 2015- Download

Public procurement strategy: the impacts of a preference programme for small and micro businesses (with Paulo Reis) – Public Money & Management, 35(2), 103-110, 2015

Outsourcing Failure and Vertical Reintegration: The Influence of Contractual Factors and External Pressures (with Bertrand Quélin and Walmir Maia) – Long Range Planning, 47(6), 365-378, 2014 – download

Private Entrepreneurs in Public Services:  A Longitudinal Examination of Outsourcing and Statization of Prisons (with Sergio Lazzarini and Paulo F. Azevedo) – Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 7(1), 6-25, 2013 – download

An Approach for Evaluating the Risk Management Role of Governments in Public-Private Partnerships for Mega-Event Stadiums (with Antonio Francisco Silva Junior), European Sports Management Quarterly, 13(4), 472-490, 2013 download 

Organizing Prisons through Public-Private Partnerships: A Cross-Country Investigation (with Stéphane Saussier) – Brazilian Administration Review, 10(1), 100-120, 2013 – download

A Dança dos Blocos, Empresários, Políticos e Técnicos: Condicionantes da Dinâmica de Colaboração Inter-organizacional do Carnaval de Salvador [The Dance of Blocos, Entrepreneurs, Politicians and Technicians: Inter-organizational Collaboration Dynamics of the Carnival in Salvador] (with Dale Krane and Fagner Dantas) – Organizações & Sociedade, v.20,n.64,145-163,2013 – download

Títulos de Impacto Social [Social Impact Bonds] (with Sergio Lazzarini, Sergio Jurandir and Marcelo Barbosa) – HSM Management, 94, 2012 – download

Private Operation with Public Supervision: Evidence of Hybrid Modes of Governance in Prisons (with Sergio Lazzarini and Paulo Furquim de Azevedo). Public Choice, 145(1-2), 281-293, 2010 – download

The modes of provision of prison services in a comparative perspective (with Paulo Furquim de Azevedo). BAR Brazilian Administration Review, v.5(1), 2008, 53-69 – download

FMEA and PMBOK applied to Project Risk Management (with Flávio Santos).  Journal of Information Systems and Technology Management. 5 (2), 2008, 341-358 – download

Papers under review and working papers

Fostering entrepreneurial activity through preference programs in public procurement – R&R

Hybrid Organizations of Critical Services (with Claude Ménard)

The Best of Both Worlds? Assessing the Emergence of Impact Investors and their Role in the Financial versus Social Performance Debate (with Sergio Lazzarini, Luciana Mesquita, Leandro Pongeluppe and Angelica Rotondaro)

The Role of Public Capabilities and Institutional Determinants in Public-Private Partnerships: A Cross-Country Examination (with Ilze Kivenielce, Sergio Lazzarini, and Bertrand Quélin)

Research in Progress

The c0-evolutionary aspects of public and private entrepreneurship (with Peter Klein, Sergio  Lazzarini, and Anita McGahan)

Unpacking the concept of public capabilities


Prof. Sandro Cabral
School of Management- Federal U. Bahia (UFBA)

Address: Av. Reitor Miguel Calmon, s/n – 3.andar  – Salvador – Bahia – Brazil, 40110-903

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